Information Technology

Natural Language Processing

  • Online Digital dictionaries for Indian languages
  • Language translation from English to Indian Languages – API
    translation library

Devops & Infrastructure Management

  • Automation of Infrastructure & Network deployments with the upcoming scripting technologies including Chef, Puppet, Ansible. 
  • Sound expertise in Automated Infrastructure using tools like Terraform, Ansible to setup infrastructure in minutes.
  •  Expertise in Container solutions including Docker & Podman helping setup Dev/Test setup for customers on demand. 
  • Provided Automation solutions to customers which includes Log analysis(ELK Stack), Server Installation (Shell script) & Web application testing (using Selenium Tools)
  •  Consulting expertise on extending the ‘Beats’ packages of ELK Stack to monitor certain custom metrics from Servers.
  •  Expertise in JIRA & ELK Integration to visualize in-depth JIRA fields in dashboards including Kibana & Grafana

Infrastructure and Cloud Management

  • Deployment & monitoring the IT assets of the customer data center to provide first level of virtualization options using latest open source monitoring tools.
  •  Expertise with various Network monitoring tools (Nagios, OpenNMS, Wireshark), deploying, configuring and gathering reports.
  •   Provide Virtualization Architecture to customers and help them migrate from their physical data center to Virtualize servers with VMWare, Xen Hypervisors. – Responsible in helping customers migrate their Physical/Virtualized environments to Cloud environment.
  •   Expertise in Deploying Public Cloud for customers with AWS resources like – EC2, S3, RDS, AWS Directory Service, Route 53 services, by better understanding their requirements.
  •  Expertise in configuring Databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL Databases both On-prem & in Cloud.
  •  Handled customers along with Third Party Vendor interactions to accomplish end to end Systems Integrations for customers.
  •   Experience in hosting 3rd party Email servers, Websites & Open Active Directories for Authentication.
  •   Handled Support teams to provide 24×7 supports for Private Cloud Deployments to International customers. 


  • Solution:  Creating a Business Accelerator Platform for improving bottom-line for Enterprises where any kind of Manufacturing / Assembly / Packing is involved. 

    Business Proposition: Savings of  6-10% of OPEX across MEN, MATERIAL, METHOD and MACHINE.

    TOP 3 Benefits: 

    1. Tangible bottom-line Improvement
    2. Redeployment of Assets and Manpower for improving profitability.
    3. Digitization & Data Driven Audits